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  • Julian Schnabel Maybach in Venice

    Reported by Yorgo Tloupas, 10 June 2011, 03:16 AM

    Last week I was in Venice for the Biennale, and was invited by Maybach to see a car Julian Schnabel has designed in collaboration with his protégé Vahakn Arslanian. The art piece is called “The Ones You Didn’t Write – The Maybach Car”, and stood out radically in a car-less city, moored on the Grand Canal.

    This is a test car that has previously been shot at, then painted by Mr. Schnabel.

    Inside the windows are drawings by Vahakn Arslanian.

    Julian Schnabel always rocks a good style:

    We also had a dinner in the somptuous Palazzo Polignac. My friend Lola Schnabel was proud to have her name painted on the car.

    Look out for an in-depth interview with Julian Schnabel in the next issue of Intersection Magazine.