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  • My new custom polo bike, by Riding In Circle

    Reported by Yorgo Tloupas, 24 November 2012, 12:28 PM

    Today was NEW BIKE DAY. As cyclists know, New Bike Day is the best day of the year, and today was no exception to the rule. I played with my custom-made Riding In Circle polo bike, and it felt amazing. The guys did it to my (short) size, i.e. 50×52, with long dropouts to change gears for the commute. Obviously the most striking aspect of the bike is the neo-90s paint job which I planned, and which turned out rather nice (or scary, depending on who you ask). To do it justice, I went to see my friend (and ex-teammate) Louis David Najar, and he shot it properly:

    Couldn’t resist making the most of Louis David’s talent for a portrait, wearing my Cosmic Bike Polo t-shirt…