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    • MAGAZINE 1999-2013

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      Created by the Parisian Ofr System’s team and now headed by the chief editor Angelo Cirimele, the magazine called ‘Magazine’ was created in 1999. In 55 issues, Magazine is passed into the hands of almost as many artistic directors including Antoine & Manuel, Christophe Brunnquell, Leslie David & Charlotte Delarue, Laurent Fétis, Thomas Lélu, Ich & Kar, Ill Studio, Peter Knapp, Sophie Toporkoff, among many many more. colette, colettebooks

    • Arkitip No. 0060 – Max Fish Release Event

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      We are proud to celebrate the release of our 60th issue edition at the new Max Fish in New York City.


      Max Fish was an uncontested downtown New York City institution. From 1989–2013 it was a gathering place for artists, skateboarders, musicians and the occasional celebrity to congregate because it was the kind of place where all these people felt at home. It was a social vortex for these groups and many of the friendships that began here have given birth to inestimable projects, ideas and collaborations among its patrons. The owner of Max Fish is German-born artist Ulli Rimkus, who set up shop on Ludlow Street in 1989, when the neighborhood was more famous for selling dope than cocktails. Part dive bar and part gallery; the bar hosted themed art shows and amassed an impressive permanent collection that included “Julio Iglesias” by Mark Flood, “Rat Cop” by Tom Otterness and “Bronx Elvis” by John Ahearn. In the mid to late ‘90s, as a broader skate culture started to bleed into the music, art and fashion worlds, Max Fish started to become a hang out for skateboarders.

      We will have the issue available for sale as well as an installation of photos by contributing artists. Owner + artist Ulli Rimkus, guest designer André Razo, and other Max Fish alumni will be in attendance. This is a ONE NIGHT ONLY event.

      Made possible with support from Converse CONS.

      Please join us…

      Arkitip No. 0060 – Max Fish Issue Release

      Wednesday 6 August 2014
      7:00 – 9:00PM EST

      Max Fish
      120 Orchard Street
      New York, NY 10002 USA

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