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    • The Arkitip Chronicles Present: American Sadhu Pt. 2

      Reported by Arkitip, Inc., 1 April 2014, 08:00 AM

      We are proud to premier the second part of Drew Bachrach’s video American Sadhu.

      The American Sadhu series is a collaboration between filmmaker Drew Bachrach and actor/clothing designer Tracy Powell. In each episode Tracy’s “Traveler” character explores remote and unknown holy locations around Los Angeles. This wandering mystic’s adventures and rituals are a riff of new age pseudo-spiritualism and postmodern folklore.

      Drew Bachrach is a Detroit bred artist/filmmaker currently living and working in Culver City, CA. During the week Drew produces and edits video content for a wide range of clients while his weekends are spent in he studio working on large-scale acrylic paintings of empty backyard swimming pools.

      The Arkitip Chronicles aim is to provide you with access to studios, behind the scenes looks at creative types and features on artists globally. We will also collaborate and showcase artists original film and video works.

      In this spirit, we keep true to our founding principles:

      Support the arts
      Promote freedom of expression
      Make art affordable and accessible

      Thank you for the support.

    • Talent and Mediocrity

      Reported by Jose Miguel de Abreu, 31 March 2014, 11:26 AM

      Whatever it expresses -

      even destruction and ruin -

      the artistic image

      is by definition an embodiment of hope,

      it is inspired by faith.

      Artistic creation

      is by definition a denial of death.

      Therefore is optimistic,

      even if in an ultimate sense the artist is tragic.

      And so there can never be

      optimistic artists and pessimistic artists.

      There can only be talent and mediocrity.

      Andrey Tarkovsky, In Instant Light.