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      Reported by Arkitip, Inc., 30 June 2015, 08:41 AM

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      What is Ello?

      Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers. It was originally built as a private social network that became so popular that a public version was built for everyone to use. Arkitip was introduced to the private network in 2014 and now that the site is out of beta and also includes a mobile app, we are fully on board. We love Ello’s interface because it allows us to publish large and beautiful photos. The functionality is intuitive, simple and they have promised to not gather your data or sell ads. We love that!

      Since the launch, there have been quite a few articles posted about Ello, this is a great “10 reasons you should be on Ello” article if you want to understand even more.

      As inspiration for our Arkitip fans and followers to join Ello we have created this coupon. Do not despair – it is surprisingly quick and easy to set up an account on Ello. For the next 30 days, all Ello members will receive a 50% off all magazine editions (including those at the collector price) and most of our silk screen print editions. In fact, there are very few things on our website that are not included in this 50% off coupon (everything except items in “Fine Art”).

      Its easy:
      1 – Browse all our offerings at
      2 – Add your items to cart.
      3 – Enter coupon code: arkitiplovesello & click “redeem coupon” button to apply discounts before checking out.
      4 – Repost / share on Ello.

      Now we admit that you can still use the 50% off coupon without joining Ello but we think you are missing out if you don’t. Please let us know if you have any questions, thank you for the interest and support.