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  • Del Mar Skate Ranch – Grant Brittain Photography

    Reported by Arkitip, Inc., 3 March 2015, 14:52 PM

    We are proud to announce we are working on a new print project with photographer Grant Brittain based on his massive collection of Del Mar Skate Ranch photography.







    While working at the Del Mar Skateboard Ranch in 1979 selling Cokes, Twinkies and miniature golf, J. Grant Brittain borrowed his roommate’s Canon and began what would become a 34 year-long affair with skateboarding, cameras and magazines. He helped found Transworld Skateboarding magazine in 1983 and as the Photo Editor for 20 years, helped build it into the top selling skateboarding mag. He has captured the best skateboarders of the last three decades in photos that have become classics. He has also taught some of the best skate photographers past and present and has helped them develop their own work. Grant felt like he was in a well worn rut and has moved on and helped start another magazine in 2003, The Skateboard Mag where he resides to this day.

    His “off hours” are consumed by a search for calmer and more serene subjects. Still lakes at night and solitary desert forms are among the subjects of his diverse personal work. His abstracts, portraits, landscapes and travel images seem to draw from the opposite energy of his action shots. Few photographers have pursued so wide a range of subjects and styles. But few individuals find themselves so central to such an active community, where one’s perspective is just a notch askew of the rest, and where movement and progression is the norm. Grant Brittain’s body of work reflects his deep involvement in an emerging youth culture, as well as his escape from it.

    - Miki Vuckovich

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  • Parra + Arkitip + Wood Wood Teeshirt

    Reported by Arkitip, Inc., 1 March 2015, 20:26 PM

    As we continue to organize the studio year after year we found items that we have enough of in our archives to release for sale. These Parra + Arkitip + Wood Wood tees were produced in a small production for the opening of Parra’s “I like the painting but I will get the teeshirt” Pop Up Store at Wood Wood in Berlin Germany, 2009.





    Brand new, never worn, never sold online, only in store for the duration of the exhibition.

    You can find them on our Arkitip eBay Auction page, enjoy.

  • Mark Gonzales Pioneering

    Reported by Arkitip, Inc., 4 February 2015, 13:16 PM

    YouTube Preview Image

    “Pioneering has to do with mostly, seeing something out there and then adapting it and making it yours. Thats what true pioneering is about.”

    - Mark Gonzales

  • Kevin Lyons for G-SHOCK Release at Colette Event Recap

    Reported by Arkitip, Inc., 11 December 2014, 11:30 AM

    Many thanks to everyone that came to the Kevin Lyons for G-SHOCK release event at Colette in Paris, France.

    © Nicolas Jacquemin / La Clef

    © Nicolas Jacquemin / La Clef

    © Nicolas Jacquemin / La Clef

    © Nicolas Jacquemin / La Clef

    © Nicolas Jacquemin / La Clef

    © Nicolas Jacquemin / La Clef

    A nice short video was also produced for the release as seen below.

    YouTube Preview Image

    The watch is available now and when you purchase from Arkitip, you received the Kevin Lyons large-format hand-drawn newspaper for FREE.

  • Kevin Lyons for G-SHOCK, Curated by Arkitip

    Reported by Arkitip, Inc., 9 December 2014, 10:08 AM

    Acting as curator, Arkitip has chosen artist Kevin Lyons for the final G-SHOCK model of 2014.

    Based on the GB-5600 model series with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the durable timepiece is capable of notification on incoming emails, text messages, as well as phone calls via cellphone. This means you never need to “fish out” your phone unless necessary. Though simple in appearance, the GB-5600B-K8JF features 100 cities/35 time zones world time, stopwatch, 5 alarms with snooze, even a “vibration” function to discreetly alert you of incoming messages. Shock and waterproof up to 20 ATM (200 Meter/656 Feet), the Casio G-Shock GB-5600B-K8JF also includes a whimsical decoration by the artist Kevin Lyons. Part of Lyons’ recent retrospective in Japan, the watch comes with a special “googly eyes” graphic packaging in addition to its matte grey decor.



    “I am super psyched to be working with G-SHOCK again. Some time last year, Arkitip came to me with the opportunity to create a watch that would illustrate how tough G-Shock is. I immediately thought of concrete and concrete blocks. I later paired that idea with the Rudeboy concepts of Concrete Jungle and Tougher Than Tough, both being titles of classic ska recordings describing hard-core urban life in Kingston, Jamaica. Add to this my iconic pyramid Monster characters made out of concrete blocks, and the result is a strange little project that now consists of a G-SHOCK GB-5600B-K8JF with Bluetooth technology, some really cool packaging, and a large-format hand-drawn newspaper that delves deeper into this crazy combination of concrete meets toughness meets Rudeboy meets pyramids UPTOWN.” – Kevin Lyons

    “Concrete Jungle” is a new Arkitip Chronicle filmed for the release of the watch. Based on the above mentioned idea of the Rudeboy concepts of Concrete Jungle and Tougher Than Tough, the video expresses those ideals through repetitive imagery.

    When you purchase from Arkitip, the Kevin Lyons large-format hand-drawn newspaper is included for FREE.

    Thank you for the support.