Arkitip Intel

    Reported by Michael "Skiny" Power, 19 June 2012, 05:42 AM

    Left Los Angeles last week with a duffel bag full of protective racewear, some camping necessities, couple pair of Levi’s and a track prepped Gsxr on the back of the truck. I have no idea where to be. Is this the great American race adventure or a highly sophisticated mid life crisis?

  • Long standing tradition of exciting beautiful women in motorcars

    Reported by Michael "Skiny" Power, 11 June 2012, 15:48 PM

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    The Gentlemans Guide to Racing is currently auditioning for a navigator for its upcoming rally race in the Ford R2. Whilst training at Team O’Neils Susan decided she wanted to see if she had what it takes. This tough girl from the South had alot of the qualities we were looking for but sadly her note reading wasnt quiet up to par. In her place we’ve decided on experience over looks with Dave Mirra’s former Co-pilot Martin Headland.
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    **Special thank you to our Tim Oneil, Wyatt knox and all the chaps at The Team ONeil Rally School for making us feel welcome and introducing us to the New Hampshire life.

  • A Gentleman’s (At)tire

    Reported by Michael "Skiny" Power, 29 May 2012, 10:38 AM

    As I try to transform myself into a race car driver (and a gentleman) I find myself involved in more and more conversations about the art of marketing as it pertains to Motorsports. Racing has always been sexy to brands but sadly the cross over between brands and men that go fast got too focused on only the fastest.

    Performance is everything and money is king. If your a 5ft tall, sweaty haired German troll that can keep the hammer down then your golden, divorce yourself from shame because the thrill drill dysfunction pill company got a full wrap for your race car and don’t forget to take a sip of your moron energy drink in plain view of the incar go pro.

    But a new horizon dawns as youtubes gapers elect new heroes. Soon views will trump podiums. Companies connected to motorsports must dabble in alchemy to emerge relevant in tomorrows today and we at the GGTR embrace it.

    BFGoodrich invited me to El Toro marine Base, south of LA to participate in a fascinating tire test that not only convinced me someone at their rubber factory takes keeping the car on the road seriously but also that the brand has pulled out a chair for themselves at the cool table.

  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Racing

    Reported by Michael "Skiny" Power, 27 April 2012, 09:57 AM

    A brief video capturing some of the highlight and low points of our adventures in BAJA. Even if your not that interested in racing I think you will find it amusing….

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  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Racing

    Reported by Michael "Skiny" Power, 9 December 2011, 10:29 AM

    The GGTR launched with a successful Score Baja 1000 race. With moi’ in the drivers seat and the infamous cross country racer Alex Roy in the navigator seat we managed to finish the treacherous race in under 26 hours and 15th out of 22 in our class.

    From start to finish the race consumed four months of my life and every last enzyme of energy. The preparation, logistics and fund raising for a race like “the one thousand” meant I left the start line exhausted. One can imagine what hour twenty five was like. Alex was begging me to stop the car before his bowels created a scene in his alpine star suit that couldn’t be rectified before the finish line. I was throwing up fine silt sand into my own mouth at five minute intervals and re-swallowing it. We were freezing and soaked in our own perspiration but focused on one thing. Finishing one of the worlds fiercest contests between man and nature.

    The Score Baja 1000 is the first in a journey that will take Team GGTR around the world to participate in all the great races. From classic’s such as the Mille Miglia to the Paris Dakar we will test ourselves against the worlds most cunning open roads and the gentleman that feel at home at 150mph.

    For anyone that has an unscratched itch and would like to follow in our footsteps the GGTR website will act as a step by step manual for how to successfully enter the world of racing. From buying a race trailer to mixing a decent pink gin in the desert the knowledge gained by our mistakes will become a lexicon of wisdom for any fellow gentleman or amateur racer.

    Our progress can be monitored through with a book and television show to be announced shortly.

    A host of people need to be thanked for their faith in our project and their generosity.

    ABL lights made the night seem like day and gave us an advantage over other cars. The Alpine Star race suits gave us the required uniform to make us feel like an army ready for war. The helmets from Bell were not only comfortable for the long length of the race but also just an object of incredible beauty with thanks to Kelly Kocker custom paint job. The BFG tires held up as though they were bullet proof and the people working the BFG pits were the friendliest faces we saw on the course. The communications provided by PCI race radios made the logistics of racing and chasing over a thousand miles through the Mexican desert possible and the people that work at PCI will be trusted to continue to provide communications for all our up and coming future events. Beard seats made our brutal race a little more gentlemanly and the harnesses they provided kept us snug as two orangutans hugging. Specialty Race Prep and Travis Fletcher for teaching us so much and building an incredible car. Team ONeil Rally School for giving me the skills to slide the car sideways around a corner with a 500ft drop off with confidence. GoPro cameras for providing us with memories usually eroded by alcohol. VP race fuels for putting a little spring in our step and The Saxena Foundation who supported the efforts of GGTR  with the hope that their message will draw positive attention to inventive and effective ways of promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education in the United States and empowering young women deserves extra special thanks for the last minute support that tipped this project into a reality. Team Polizei and Alex Roy deserve a tremendous thank you for all the laughs and commitment to the Gentleman’s Guide to Racing.

    Photos courtesy of Zach Benge